Middle Tennessee Junior Rodeo

Cowboy Up!

Due to the inclement weather,

the April 22nd rodeo has been cancelled.

Your entries will be rolled over to the  

May 6th rodeo. 

Please call in if you need to scratch.

Liability Forms MUST be notarized before you are allowed to participate.

MTJRA will be well represented in 2017!

Congratulations to our Royalty!

MTJRA Queen, Lily Crickmar
MTJRA Princess, Kasa Bolin
MTJRA Junior Princess, Emery Vensel

REMEMBER: No alcohol, foul language or misconduct in and around the arena.  This pertains to children as well as adults. Any mistreatment of animals will result in a no-time and the contestant being asked to leave the arena.

Check-in will start at 7:30 am with grand entry to start at 8:30 am or close as possible!!

All results are final the day before the following rodeo. Results will be posted within one week of a rodeo. 

Memberships can be paid at the rodeo. 2017 Membership fees are $50.00 for the 1st person in the household and $35.00/person after that (0-18). You will be required to sell at least $50 per contestant or $100 per family in ads for program books. The money and ads must be turned in no latter than the 1st August Rodeo.

Call-ins are Monday before each rodeo from  5-9 pm Central. 615-598-4831 (if you do not call in during the posted times you will be charged the late fee of $10.00)

YOU MAY EMAIL MONDAY before the Rodeo to:  [email protected]

Bumper and window stickers are still available

Yellow bumpers stickers are 3.5" x 10.75"

Window stickers are 5" circle 

$5.00 each 

All proceeds go directly toward year end awards.